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Prostor Parasols not only provide protection against the summer sun but also enhance the beauty of a garden. The Broadview Prostor Parasol is the ultimate choice for a distinctive outdoor setting and enables people to indulge in alfresco living at home.  The Prostor is uniquely available in a combination of one, two, three or even four parasols, with the largest combination providing an undercover area of 5.15 metres by 5.15 metres when fully open. The parasols are positioned on a single aluminium mast with a swivel system, enabling the product to be pivoted into position without moving the base unit.
Broadview's Parasols are made from the highest-grade waterproof acrylic canvas which is lined with UV absorbing fabric for sun protection. There is an option to add an electric remote control operation to raise and lower the parasol and LED lights can be incorporated into the design to illuminate the centre of the parasol.