Fleuron d'Anjou

Fleuron d'Anjou

Country: France
Region: Pays de la Loire
Address: 49136 Les Ponts-de-C?, 29, avenue du Moulin Marcille BP 90067  view map
Phone: +33 (0)2 41 96 66 66
Fax: +33 (0)2 41 96 66 31
Contact person: M. Patrick ANCELIN
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Registered: 06 February 2010
Visited: 783
Established in 1962, Fleuron d'Anjou has become, over some 40 years, one of France's leading vegetable and ornamental plant producer. In the heart of the Loire Valley in western France, in the environs of the regional capital Angers lies the Anjou area, where 150 affiliated plant nurseries and market gardeners commit themselves day after day to meeting our product specifications, which underlie the first-rate quality of our produce and its appeal to consumers. Our specialization: Aromats, condiments, Asparagus plants, Bedding plants, Collection plants, Cut flowers, Floral composition, Flower pot plants, Flowering hydrangea, Hanging plants, Heather earth plants, Lily of the valley (clumps), Lily of the valley (potted), Lily of the valley (shoot), Mediterranean plants, Perennials & rock plants, Potted roses, Strawberry plants, Vegetable plants.