Country: Poland
Region: Lower Silesian
Address: PL 52-010 Wroclaw, ul. Opolska 11/19  view map
Phone: +48 71 34 35 769 ext. 101, 104
Fax: +48 71 34 24 564
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Registered: 08 March 2010
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The AQUA SZUT COPMANY has been present on the market since 1966 and it offers aquarium and water garden products. AQUA SZUT means the tradition of over 40 years, as well as passion , knowledge and experience, owing to which the highest quality products are manufactured. The company's assortment includes everything that is necessary for having and keeping an excellently clean aquarium and pond, as well as preparations for water. The company is also running an intensive expansive onto foreign markets. The head office of AQUA SZUT is located in Wroclaw (Poland), whereas its production plant is situated in Borne-Sulinowo (Poland).