Fides B.V.

Fides B.V.

Country: Netherlands
Region: South Holland
Address: 2678 PS De Lier, Coldenhovelaan 6  view map
Phone: +31 174 530 100
Fax: +31 174 530 110
Web page:
Registered: 17 March 2010
Visited: 1998
Fides is a company that is specialized in breeding and propagation of cut Chrysanthemums, pot Chrysanthemums, Kalanchoe, decorative Kalanchoe (Calandiva®), Pelargonium, Osteospermum, Impatiens New Guinea, pot dahlia, Multiflora, Petunia, Nemesia, Calibrachoa and pot Aster .
These days, our products find their way to 46 countries on all continents. This means that Fides is one of the great players in this field. Worldwide, we are one of the top 4 of cut flower Chrysanthemum breeders with quality products as Bacardi, Arctic Queen and Feeling Green Dark. Next to that, we are market leader in the field of double flowered, decorative Kalanchoe (Calandiva®). Breeding takes place in The Netherlands, United Kingdom and Denmark. Fides has sales offices in The Netherlands and Germany.