Rasadnik cveca JORDJEVIC

Rasadnik cveca JORDJEVIC

Country: Serbia
Region: Sumadija District
Address: Vucic, municipality Ra?a, ?umadija District  view map
Phone: +381 63 81 01 353, +381 63 80 24 483
Contact person: Mr. Jordjevich
Web page:
Registered: 01 June 2010
Visited: 1716
Flower production in Serbia is in most cases a family business and usually  it involves all family members. So it is with family Djordjevic, Peter, Jasmin, and their son Ivan. One kilometer from the village Vucic in the municipality of Raca, family Djordjevic  lives and works on the production of flowers. Their house is easily recognized. With balconies, terraces and windows full of flowers it looks like a fairy tale. Also fence along the road and the garden full of flowers show that there lives one of the biggest flower producer in Serbia.

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