Floricultura B.V.

Floricultura B.V.

Country: Netherlands
Region: North Holland
Address: 1969 MS Heemskerk, Cieweg 13  view map
Phone: + 31 (0) 251 203060
Fax: + 31 (0) 251 203061
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Registered: 29 July 2010
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Floricultura is a family business that has been specialising in orchids since as long ago as 1933. After the introduction of tissue culture the company also went in for the propagation, upgrading and selection of orchids itself. By way of example, Floricultura was one of the initiators of the success of Phalaenopsis pot plants. Thanks to the know-how acquired and the years of experience, the company has grown in the last decades to become European market leader in the trade in young orchid plants. In addition to the Dutch market, where millions of pot orchids are sold, we also specialise in the worldwide export of plant material. By innovation in our range of products and production techniques we strive to contribute to greater professionalisation of the culture of orchids.

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