Takii Europe B.V.

Takii Europe B.V.

Country: Netherlands
Region: North Holland
Address: 1424 PC De Kwakel, Hoofdweg 19  view map
Phone: +31(0)297-345700
Fax: +31(0)297-345658
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Registered: 05 October 2010
Visited: 1702

Takii Europe B.V. is the European division of Takii & Company Ltd., Kyoto, Japan. In 170 years, Takii & Company Ltd. has established a global network with Japanese fundament, for breeding, producing and selling a wide assortment flower – and vegetable varieties, adapted to actual market demands.

In Europe, Takii is with 45 people active in breeding, production, marketing and sales of
vegetable – and flower seed. In Europe, Takii is situated in The Netherlands and France. As Takii Europe BV we have set the goal to supply with our varieties a healthy and profitable foundation for the horticultural product-chain. Takii Europe BV is active in Europe on wholesale level. This means that the distribution takes place in close co-operation with seed distributors in the different European countries.

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