Country: Bulgaria
Region: Plovdiv
Address: Plovdiv, Asenonovgradsko Shosse, opposite KCM (Plant for Colour Metals)  view map
Phone: +359 32 511 103, +359 888 533 225, +359 888 765 732
Fax: +359 32 511 103
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Registered: 19 February 2009
Visited: 2462

Established in 1998 Palm Center - Plovdiv Ltd. has quickly strengthen its position as a leading producer and importer of Mediterranean plants. 

 Most of these are in stock in large quantities all year around. The list includes conifers, flowering and evergreen shrubs, broadleaf trees and of course a great choice of different sizes of palm trees, citrus, olives, Mediterranean shrubs, Magnolia, cypress, umbrella pines.

Since all the state owned subtropical plants introduction stations have gone a long time ago the Palm Center created a Botanical garden - Plovdiv. This is a research field where subtropical plants are being tested on a scientific base. Educated and experienced specialists develop unique methods for growing large size Mediterranean plants at local conditions in Bulgaria.


Among the customers that trusted the Palm Center - Plovdiv are the resorts - Rousalka, Albena, Oasis, Laguna beach and the most exotic one Elenite, also many hotels in the Sunny beach resort, including Majestic, Chajka beach, Marvel, Victoria palace, Alba, Grand hotel Sunny beach, Nobel, Imperial, Zornitza sands, Kokiche. All major aqua parks : Action aqua park Sunny beach, Aquaparadise Nessebar, Aqua park Atlantida Elenite, Aqua park Primorsko, Aqualand Plovdiv are our customers.
The city of Plovdiv is already an exotic place too, there are many large palms planted around. It would be enough just to mention the restaurant "Efir 100", the palm plantation in front of the University of Food Technology, Yankov & Sie as well as the new glorious casino Ritz.
The Palm Center's landscaping team designs, constructs and maintains private gardens. Irrigation, finishing work (paths, walls, facing, pavement, maintenance buildings), rock or water gardens and specialized consulting are among the services offered.