Raunas Lauktehnika

Raunas Lauktehnika

Country: Latvia
Region: Vidzeme Region
Address: LV-4131 Raunas novads, Parka iela 4  view map
Phone: +371 6417 7212 , +371 2928 4026
Fax: +371 64177305
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Registered: 21 January 2011
Visited: 462
Raunas Lauktehnika Ltd. is founded in year 1992 and our company's main product group is garden furniture and other useful things for the garden. In 1995 we started manufacturing ornamental metalwork and metal - wood - glass furniture. We become to the supplier for the Belgian wholesale company, who retailed our goods in the Benelux countries, France, Germany, Spain, England, USA, Canada. Later forms of cooperation developed, appeared direct contacts. In year 2001 our export territory expanded. Persistent collaboration developed with partners in Sweden, Estonia, Finland and Denmark. There were customers in Italy, Japan too. There is still some big wholesalers to whom we deliver our production in Latvia, but mainly our clients go to our store, contact us through phone or e-mail and there is also possibility to purchase things directly from factory in Rauna.