Chrysal AVB - Post-harvest conditioner

Chrysal AVB - Post-harvest conditioner

Post-harvest conditioner for ethylene sensitive summer flowers.

Chrysal AVB is a post-harvest conditioner for ethylene sensitive summer flowers. Dependent on the flower type the positive effect may manifest itself by an improved vase life, a diminished dropping of blooms, leaves and buds and an improved bud opening.
The active ingredient in Chrysal AVB is silver for which Chrysal developed a neutralization method based on the use of Chrysal Tecitine and Chrysal Flocculine. This way most silver can be recovered prior to the disposal of any waste solution.
Several trials have shown that Chrysal AVB is far superior to products based on Amino-oxy-acetic acid (AOA) or Methylcyclopropene (MCP) in protecting cut flowers against ethylene damage and extending their vase life. When used according to its label the product is environmentally sound.

Protects against ethylene damage
Prevents premature shrinking and dropping of buds, leaves and blooms.
Can be used in combination with SVB
Contains a tracer for dosing control
Packaging & Dosing
Available in 1L bottle and 5L drum. For an optimal treatment dose 2ml per litre of water. Comes with neutralizing products to neutralise the silver in the residual solution.


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