Indoor House Plants

Indoor House Plants

Green your Condo, Home or Office with Indoor House Plants

Swansons offers a variety of indoor house plants ranging from the traditional to the new and unusual. Our staff can help you choose plants that will thrive in your condo, home or office with minimal care.

Indoor plants can be used to solve many indoor d?cor issues and can be selected to enhance any style of d?cor. The elegance of a formal room can be expressed through placement of a stately Ficus or palm, or a fun kid's room can be brightened with the colorful and exotic leaves of a Croton.  Aside from creating your personal visual statement, indoor plants also help remove air pollutants produced by gas furnaces and stoves, cigarette smoke, paint and carpeting. Certain plants such as Dracaena, Dieffenbachia, and Spider Plants are proven to be very efficient air scrubbers.

We create many pre-planted containers of color and textures to meet all your decorating ideas. Don't see one that grabs you? We can design one to fit your lifestyle.

Choosing a proper container can both complement the beauty of the plant, as well as solve the problem of what happens to the water after it passes through the soil. Ask one of our helpful staff for help in selecting that right container.


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