Albanidis Floriculture Products

Albanidis Floriculture Products

Country: Greece
Region: Central Macedonia
Address: Thessaloniki 57011, Neа Agchialos  view map
Phone: +30 6977205895, +30 2310 722150, +30 6944275871
Fax: +30 2310 722150
Contact person: Anestis
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Registered: 15 February 2014
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Company  Albanidis Floriculture Products was founded  in 1990 and for more than 20 years we are producing and offering products of excellent quality and competitive prices.
Our focus is the cultivation, production and sale of plants for indoor and outdoor space.
The main activity of our company remains the production of indoor and outdoor s plants. We cooperate with companies from Italy, Holland and other European countries and also with all domestic Greek producers and traders of plants.
With our partner nurseries from all over Greece and abroad, we are in close and continuous cooperation, because, apart from the plants, we provide all necessary plant material or equipment, and of course  the appropriate technical and scientific support .
Through our partners we have taken part in hundreds of public and private projects on a national scale.