Import BLUMEX Export BV

Import BLUMEX Export BV

Country: Netherlands
Region: North Holland
Address: 1424 LH DE KWAKEL, Betula 11  view map
Phone: +31 297 322 222
Fax: +31 297 325 957
Web page:
Registered: 24 March 2010
Visited: 4177
BLUMEX is a leading innovative supplier-distributor on import and export of flowers and plants and is known as a supplier of quality and service. BLUMEX is one of the top 15 companies exporting flowers and plants in the Netherlands. The main office is situated in De Kwakel, in a modern building, which is linked logistically to the buildings of the Flower Auction Aalsmeer (VBA).
From Aalsmeer BLUMEX exports to some 30 countries and has about 350 customers. BLUMEX started traditionally by exporting to Germany and Great Britain, but since years also delivers to the United States and many Eastern bloc countries

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